Monday, July 15, 2013

July Resolutions: Mid-Month Update

It's July 15th, halfway through the month.  That means it's time to take stock of what I've accomplished so far, and see what I still have to work on for the second half of the month.

Check the first July Resolutions post to remind yourself of the goals I set and the reasons behind them, and then keep reading to see how I've done so far.

Fiber Goals

1) Complete Rainbow Teddy before the 20th Complete!
I finished the darling thing on the 10th, and he's ready to go to his new home on the 20th.
2) Purchase my drop spindle and fiber for spinning Complete!
Jara my Hi-Lo spindle is happily here, and her first fiber is on its way (set to arrive any minute now!).
     2.5) Spin something In progress
     I chain-plied some commercial yarn I wasn't going to use otherwise, but I haven't actually spun anything yet.
3) Sew the linings into the Twin Quilt Purses Complete!
The linings are sewn in and the purses are complete (minus that one cupcake).
     3.5) Use them as an excuse to meet the kiddos In progress
     I might be semi-invited to an activity they'll be attending, but the details haven't been worked out yet.

That means all my fiber goals are Complete! and the extra credit goals are nearly done as well.

Writing Goals 

1) Finish the first draft of my novel In progress
I'm doing chapter 7 of what seems to be 11 at the moment
2) Critique two first chapters for two people In progress
I've done one chapter, but the forum is down for repairs for a bit so I haven't gotten to the other one yet.
3) Write 7 acrostic poems In progress
I've written two, and I'm working on a third.  Need to pick this up.

All my writing goals, therefore, are In progress and I need to work harder at them.

General Life Goals

1) Gain 5 pounds Abandoned
I'm not going to worry about this anymore.  It isn't something I need to focus on, and it's only stressing me out.
2) Clean my room, all of it In progress
I did the entire closet and started work on the rest.  Not finished, but making marked improvement.
3) Read one book, just for the heck of it--no assignments, no requirements, just read a book Complete!
I read Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale.  It took me about two days, and was really enthralling.  Well worth my time.

I have a range of things here, then.  I have one Abandoned, one In progress, and one Complete!.

Complete!: 4
In progress: 4
Abandoned: 1

I feel pretty good about that!

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