Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Resolutions: Final Tally

(Shh.  No, of course I didn't backdate this post to be at the end of July.  That didn't happen.)

At the end of the month, it's time to see how I did on my resolutions for July.  Here we go!

Fiber Goals

1) Complete Rainbow Teddy before the 20th Complete!
He went to his new home on the 20th, happy as could be.  His recipient squealed upon seeing him.
2) Purchase my drop spindle and fiber for spinning Complete!
Both Jara and her eight fiberous mates arrived safe and sound.  The fiber bundles each contained an extra 0.2 ounces, meaning I got 1.6 ounces more than I paid for.  So grateful to Nerd Girl Yarns for the bonus!
     2.5) Spin something Complete!
     Jara and I are in the process of turning 1.2 ounces of Corridale fluff into a single.  I have spun something.  It's not a finished yarn, but it's a something.
3) Sew the linings into the Twin Quilt Purses Complete!
The linings are sewn in and the purses are complete (minus that one cupcake).  Since I still haven't found my E hook, the other cupcake is still on hold.
     3.5) Use them as an excuse to meet the kiddos Failed
     The plan fell through, and I haven't made the other cupcake yet, so that'll have to wait a little longer.

I completed all my fiber goals and one of the extra credit.  The other was attempted and failed, but I'll be trying again.

Writing Goals 

1) Finish the first draft of my novel Failed
I finished through chapter 9, though.  Which is pretty good.
2) Critique two first chapters for two people Failed
I did the one, but the forum is still iffy and I really don't care enough to do another.  Unfortunately.
3) Write 7 acrostic poems Failed
I wrote either two or three, I really can't remember which.

I seem to have Failed all my writing goals.  I think I'm okay with that, actually.

General Life Goals

1) Gain 5 pounds Abandoned
Literally haven't stepped on a scale since the 15th, and that's fine.
2) Clean my room, all of it Failed
I think my desk actually got worse.  This is something I'll need to add to the August list and get done before the semester starts.
3) Read one book, just for the heck of it--no assignments, no requirements, just read a book Complete!
As mentioned before, I read Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale, and definitely recommend it.

The only thing that changed here was that my In Progress became a Failed.  Oh well.

Complete!: 4 (and 1 extra credit)
Failed: 4 (and 1 extra credit)
Abandoned: 1

That's... actually pretty funny.  Looks like I should cut back again on my goals, or else make more of an effort to do them.

In all fairness, I was also doing a Summer Fun Bingo project with my family, and a lot of my attention was focused on those things.  But I still should have had time to work on my personal goals.

On to August!

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