Monday, July 7, 2014

Normalcy, TdF, And 3 Good Things

Happy Monday everyone!  How has your day been?  Mine has been less productive than yesterday, but enjoyable nonetheless.

I didn't actually get up until noon, but when I did I fixed my bed and took a shower and made a large quantity of food because I was very hungry.  While I was eating I sat down to catch up some on the 2014 Winter Olympics that are still on the DVR from February.  All I'm watching is the figure skating, and all I had left of it was the women's skating (plus the post-competition gala, which is essentially "Hey, have some fun!").  Once I finished breakfast I grabbed Róisín and my green-and-blue fiber bundle and returned to watching.  I spent most of the day spinning and watching Olympics, except for when I took a break to tackle my closet again.  Two more shelves and another drawer down (leaving only the two drawers of shirts plus all the hanging clothes on the other side), and I also figured out how to handle all the bags hanging on the back wall.  I've determined I cannot have more projects on the go than hooks to hang the project bags.  We'll see how that works.  The "one project per hook/needle set" rule seems to have helped greatly, so maybe this one will too.

I finished both my singles for today with time to spare, and spent a while knitting on Wibbley Wobbley Timey Wimey as well.  I have one more row to finish the TARDISes (TARDI?  What's the plural of TARDIS?) and then it's on to the boring stitch patterns (reverse stockinette and ribbing).  I was hoping to have two balls of the yarn leftover, but it looks like I may actually have to break into the third ball to finish the ribbing.  I'm okay with that.

Here's my Tour de Fleece collage for today:

The top picture is one of the baby American skaters, fifteen-year-old Polina Edmunds, skating in the ladies' free skate.  The bottom picture is the ladies' gold medalist, Russian Adelina Sotnikova, dancing inexplicably with flags during the gala.

And now for my second week of 3 Good Things.  I'm proud of myself for keeping up with this for two straight weeks.

June 30
1. I chopped my monster fingernails
2. Finished another row of Friendship Star
3. Cherry microwave cake!

July 1
1. TdF color-pickers all selected (I ended up deciding not to keep this plan, but I was pleased to come up with 15 people I like well enough to involve them)
2. Sherlock party!
3. It took less than an hour to detangle a massive ball of yarn (Blame the dog again)

July 2
1. Fantastic day with Ian <3
2. Watching Doctor Who with Matthew
3. Pulled down my dolls and dressed them for the season!

July 3
1. Margays are darn cool cats
2. I'm really enjoying Monuments Men
3. Curtains for the dining room are absolutely gorgeous

July 4
1. Got to watch the fireworks with Ian [and company] :)
2. I am a ginger again!
3. Stephanie came to the fireworks and didn't die

July 5
1. Tour de Fleece got off to a good start
2. E was in Sherman with me
3. I finished cutting the fabric for the tea wallets today

July 6
1. My hair was glorious (for the annual pictures we took that day)
2. I cleaned out my sock drawer like I've meant to do for months
3. I got almost all my chores done (to be clear, this means all my chores for the whole week)

So that's my week in happiness.  Tomorrow, more spinning!  Probably at the library this time, since they're having a Sherlock party and Mom doesn't want to drive my brothers there since there won't be internet due to maintenance/upgrading.

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