Thursday, August 15, 2013

August Resolutions: The Month Of "In Progress"

It's the fifteenth, which means it's Time For An Update!

If you'd like, go back to my August resolutions for a refresher before proceeding to the update, or check out the resolutions page to find out what this is.  Ravelers, don't forget to update us on your progress at the Resolutions Monthly group!

On to the update!

School Goals

The fall semester begins on the 26th, so it's crunch time!

1) Purchase or at least find textbooks In progress
My first science textbook (EARTH) arrived yesterday, and the second should arrive Tuesday.  Two of my literature books are coming tomorrow, and the third I borrowed from a friend.  One of the history books should arrive Wednesday.  Music Appreciation doesn't have a book list (yet), and the College Algebra list is screwed up so we can't find the books.  Once I figure out the situation with that, I'll count this complete.
2) Clear my desk In progress
Some of the stuff has come off, but it still needs work.  I also cleaned the whiteboard beside my desk, so that'll be usable as well.

Fiber Goals

1) Finish Little Mischief In progress
I'm definitely on a downhill slope on this one.  I'm still not sure how long I want it to be, but it'll be 3-4 feet, and I have to crochet to 3 or 4 inches short to account for the border.  It is currently at 2' even, so I'm definitely past the midpoint no matter where I end up.
2) Make yellow cupcake Not yet started
I um... haven't even looked at this yet.  Partially because I haven't been able to find most of my crochet hooks.
3) Finish Corridale yarn Complete!
Actually exceeded the goal on this one.  I decided to save the other half of the fiber to dye before spinning.  On the 12th and 13th I plied, way way over so when I washed it the twist woke up and mostly balanced (there are still a few slightly overplied spots, but it's fine).  On the 14th I dyed it using knock-off Grape Kool-Aid, and that evening I knit it into this.  If you want to see the yarn, that can be found here.
4) Seam second quarter of Octuple Rainbow In progress
I'm halfway through the 10 seams, which means I really need to pick it up next week to get it done on time.

Complete!: 1
In progress: 4
Not yet started: 1

Looks like I really need to pick up my pace.  Some of these things have an end goal of next Saturday-- yikes!

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