Friday, August 2, 2013

Resolutions for August

Those of you who came over from Ravelry's Resolutions Monthly group, and those who have been reading since last month, already know the drill.  Make a list of goals for one month and see how well you can stick to them.

Here are my goals for August.

School Goals

The fall semester begins on the 26th, and I'm not nearly prepared for it yet.

1) Purchase or at least find textbooks
I have my textbook list, but I'm not paying retail price for new books. That means I need to go about finding used books in good condition that I can afford. I'm also borrowing some books if I can find them from friends.
2) Clear my desk
I need that space for homework and other projects, and right now I can't even get to it.

Fiber Goals

This is a mix of things I probably will do anyway, and things I might not get to otherwise.

1) Finish Little Mischief
Ideally I'd like to have it finished by the end of this month, but I have a few weeks in September to work on it as well.
2) Make yellow cupcake
I'd really like to be able to give my gifts to the kiddos either this month or next, but the cupcake needs to be done before I can do that.
3) Finish Corridale yarn
This means finish spinning the singles, ply, wash, and thwack. If possible I'd like to get to dyeing it, but that may have to wait until September.
4) Seam second quarter of Octuple Rainbow
My schedule says I should finish this by the 24th. I'd like to do that, so I can be finished before the semester starts.

I think this list of six goals is a good one. I can probably get all these things done.

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  1. Goals, goals...

    1. Finish my novel by the 15th.

    2. Finish my four staves.

    3. Finish Installment 2 of Demiterra.

    4. Write The Imperfection

    5. Make five necklaces of various designs, begin production.


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