Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quilt Block

I have this Quilt Block Purse that's been lying about half-finished for a good length of time because I haven't bothered to seam it or sew in the lining or make a strap. So I dug it out yesterday to distract myself from the Headache From Hell, seamed the sides, edged the top, crocheted the strap, and started figuring out the lining.

Hooray for productivity.

One side is rows of double crochet with some fun color changes. The other side is a quilt block. No, seriously. I made it from a pattern for a quilt block.

It's a pinwheel design made entirely of triangles and squares. Well, hey, I thought: I can make granny squares. I bet I could make one with two colors. And so my two-color granny square was born. I made nine squares arranged into a nice block and crocheted together on the wrong side.

My brother saw the block today on my lap and asked in awe how I had done a two-color granny square. I told him it was magic, but it's really not that hard. I've finally found a recipient for this purse, but it requires making a second: two of my best friend's girl-cousins live nearby and he says they'd love them. Since I have to do it all again anyway, I've taken a bunch of pictures of the construction method on the two-color squares (drastically improved since the first experiment), and I might put together a phototutorial sometime in the next few days.


Tonight is the Oscars, which are officially called the Oscars this year. (Did you know they were actually the Academy Awards and "Oscar" was a slang term because some lady commented that the statue looked like her uncle Oscar? Neither did I.) This means a house full of fun.

This year we're making paper airplanes and throwing them through a cardboard window, a reference to one of the animated short nominees. I think it's called "Paperman". Look it up; it's cute.

Oh, and I might go pick up Grandma from church. It's weird being legally allowed to do that.


I should figure out what I'm yarning during the Oscars. I just can't sit still for that long without a project in my hands. Even if we are playing Oscar Bingo and playing drinking games with M&Ms (I'm the only attendee under the legal drinking age, but it's easier with candy because you definitely won't get drunk).

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