Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Actual Marshmallows

Sometimes I have the overwhelming desire to bake something. This usually happens when the kitchen is a disaster and baking is out of the question. But not today!

I flipped through a cookbook and nearly decided on a cookie recipe when I saw one for what was basically Rice Krispie treat balls. That reminded me that my little younger brother (as opposed to my big younger brother; I have two) wanted to make Rice Krispie treats recently. So I went and found him and asked if he was interested in assisting me.

So the two of us measured out mini-marshmallows and Crisp Rice Cereal (it's the cheap stuff). We had chocolate cereal as well as plain, so we used half and half. We took turns stirring the marshmallows as they melted, and he let me mix in the cereal because he's too short to get the right leverage on it.

We waited a bit for the marshmallows to cool enough to not stick to our hands, and started pulling off handfuls to form sticky, crunchy spheres. Some spots stayed warm longer than others, so we were plucking at different places trying to find one cool enough to work with. It was an entertaining process.

We ate the last two we made. I felt we deserved the treat.

The kid wandered off when we were done (after checking to make sure I didn't need him for anything) and I washed all the equipment we used. Imagine my mother's pleasure. A cooling rack full of treats, and no other evidence of kitchen tomfoolery.

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